Coastal culture

In Raufarhöfn the culture is quite diverse and everyone can find something to do.

For recreation you can hike, swim or play football. It´s nice to take a stroll up to the lighthouse in a calm evening or have a walk around the village.

In the summer time you can visit Gallery Ljósfang for good coffee and lighter dishes as well as artwork from local artists.  Hótel Norðurljós is also opened in the summer time, there you can get food and sleeping accommodation.
All year around you can visit Verslunin Urð, a local store where you´ll find the best selection for a small town store in this area.

For sleeping accommodation you can stay all year around at the Nest guesthouse and in the summer time at  Hótel Norðurljós, or our free camping site which is next to the sea and surrounded by cosy hills.

Besides this we have Félaginn pub which is open usually every other weekend all year around.